About Tiana Griego

Psycho Spiritual take on healing

Tiana Griego is a true mover and shaker, on a mission and not afraid to show it. A mother, herbalist, avid meditator, former model and owner of a million-subscriber YouTube channel, Tiana has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time and is not slowing down anytime soon. Her current passion is helping women and men reclaim the power of their orgasm for manifestation, spiritual evolution and reaching higher states of consciousness. Tiana activates pleasure centers in the body by removing traumas through her own technique she developed through her experience. Tiana is currently traveling the world focusing on restoring the balance of the masculine and the feminine and she won’t stop until she sees an end to the suppression of women, their sexuality and the role it plays in creating world peace. No topic taboo, Tiana educates on the common misconceptions of anal sex, multiple partners as a path to evolution, throat orgasms, the effect of today’s lying-compliant culture and the evolved one-night stand. Tiana is the perfect package of mainstream and mystic to rip the blindfold off of society’s collective third eye and make us scream with pleasure as she does it.