About Tiana Griego

Tiana Griego is a leading empowerment guide and creative thinker. Her expertise on navigating and mapping life goals has helped many people awaken to their true authenticity. She has a passion for helping people identify and reach their destination

Tiana is a herbalist and incorporates Shamanic techniques into her private practice and teachings. Tiana grew up with a spiritual mother in the bay area of San Francisco. Her mother taught her herbal knowledge and how to communicate with spirits. Tiana is educated in Chinese medicine and meditation.

Tiana Griego cultivates the divine feminine energy and shares her knowledge and experience to empower woman and assist them in reconnecting with their own natural, sensual, instinctual abilities.

Tiana works with both men and women to bring balance back to the Divine Feminine. She is currently writing her book (How to reclaim yourself as a women, forthcoming 2017 Mona Kitap-Alfa Publishing Group) She is committed to supporting and empowering women to being the powerful women they were born to be. Her method is based on seeking pleasure and nourishing your body to the highest vibration. She teaches this through rituals and ceremonies incorporating her knowledge of herbs and nutrition as well as a spiritual practice.

Tiana is currently traveling the world full time side by side with Shaman Durek on the “Heal the country, Heal the world” tour teaching her topics on Feminine Sensuality, Relationships, Life Direction and Goddess Principles.