About Tiana Griego

Unlocking the gates of pleasure to reach higher states of consciousness

Tiana Griego is a visionary who grew up steeped in the ancient traditions of shamanism in the San Francisco Bay. Tiana’s greatest passion is helping men and women reclaim their sexuality and unlock higher states of consciousness through Pleasure Portals TM. Tiana has seen that in order to balance the world we live in we must realign ourselves with the pleasure codes. Through her meditative and spiritual practices, Tiana began to receive visions, including one of herself traveling the Mediterranean with a shaman who was speaking on stage and teaching seminars with her by his side. Two years later, she met Shaman Durek and recognized him as the one from her vision. Fast-forward one year and they were on world tour together as creative business partners, traveling and teaching, mostly in Mediterranean countries.

Tiana’s specialties include opening the Pleasure Portals™ through Emotional Trauma release, where emotional toxins stored in the body are released and past traumas are healed and Mapping, whereby Tiana uses her visioning and channeling abilities to assist clients in getting clear on what they want and then creating a real time map of exactly how to get from point A to point B. In addition to facilitating one-on-one sessions, Tiana also teaches about sexuality and its connection to spirituality and intuition.

One of Tiana’s greatest strengths is her ability to walk in both the feminine world of intuition and the masculine world of production, having created a successful YouTube channel with more than 15 Million subscribers. Even while she has her hands full writing her first book, today you can work with Tiana in person in many countries including The United States, Turkey, Portugal, Israel and Spain or remotely from any worldwide location through Zoom. Private sessions last one hour and Tiana incorporates her knowledge of eastern and western herbs and nutrition with shamanic techniques and channeling into each one. Moved by the knowledge that when we heal ourselves, we heal each other, it brings Tiana great joy to travel the world helping people reconnect with their own natural sensual abilities and pow.