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My name is Tiana and I am a 37 year old mother, writer, artist, visionary, healer and creative thinker. I was born in San Francisco but have lived allover the world for the past 8 years, I am living in Thailand at the moment.  My favorite things are mysticism and all things spiritual. I love finding the in-betweens, wether that be worlds, energies or voices. I love connecting and tuning into theses energies I cannot see. These energies and voices have guided my entire life through the forms of tarot, journeying, meditation and rituals. These guidance tools have helped me not only survive a traumatic childhood but also thrive as an adult and create the life of my dreams. 

Ten years ago I made a life changing decision and rerouted my entire life in search of healing and understanding of self. At this time I really had no idea what it was that I needed healing from but I knew I had issues just by looking at the relationships I was in. I decided as I was close to turning 30 that it was now or never. That I could continue down the path of repeated patterns, same guy different face and all fingers pointing at them or I could take responsibility for my healing and do something about it. Desperate for a change, I sold everything I had, packed up two suitcases and my 8 year old son and bought one way tickets to Hawaii. I brought one book with me which I had never read but felt that it would help me and the book was called the autobiography of a yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. This book became my guide for what was to come and provided me a very valuable tool, meditation,  which I dove deep into. 

Not knowing where to start I made a commitment to meditate 4 hours a day for at least a month. I figured I would follow the Dalai lamas lead and I read online that he meditated from 4 am to 8am everyday so I said to myself ok Ill do what he does! I made it a month and nothing significant really happened but I was determined so I continued on, I made it another month and still no magic although my stress levels were going down and good things were starting to happen for me in Hawaii and than after about 3 months I started having intense visions and my senses became really heightened. This was the beginning of my life completely changing. From this point on I would start remembering  my childhood and I remembered spirits that would help me as a child and I was able to reconnect with them. Life went from a thunder cloud always following me to nothing but rainbows. That year I cried in the bathtub everyday and just releases so much pain that had been forgotten and stored deep within my body. I started talking to myself in the mirror and facing things I was ashamed of and I really went deep into my healing. I began to have visions of myself traveling and living in mediterranean countries giving talks to women and helping others as I had helped myself. Fast forward two years and Im living in Turkey, Israel, Italy and Spain (All Mediterranean countries ) and I was giving talks and working one on one with women. I lived all around Europe and the Mediterranean for five years and I also learned new healing techniques along my journey. I began to implement these techniques into my one on one sessions and I created two therapies which I now use in my private practice. 

The first therapy, which is my ultimate favorite is not really a therapy but more of a life visioning guidance tool, I call mapping. Mapping is where we do a long term vision and a short term vision and we take small baby steps into the short term vision through a technique I call frame writing. Frame writing combined with moon rituals and intention setting is a very provable and powerful way to accomplish goals and dreams and that is why I love it so much because its so much fun to see others accomplishing their dreams!

The other therapy I offer is a very intense releasing therapy I call Emotional Trauma Release. Remember my bathtub story? Well for me crying was the most therapeutic form of healing. After all the stored emotions were released that is when I started to remember things from my past and I realized that I was so filled with unprocessed emotions that I couldn't see anything inside myself. Once they were released I felt like a huge weight had been lifted and blockages were removed. The emotional trauma release therapy is something I just intuitively started doing on my clients because I knew and felt they had things inside that needed to come out so I would start poking around the body looking for dense energy pockets which I later realized were triggers and would open up emotions for them. Once the emotion was processed the trigger was gone and the energy in that part of the body became lighter. People started telling me how much better they felt afterwards and lighter and that amazing things were happening to them and they kept coming back for more. I think this type of therapy is so important because your literally grabbing that particular trauma that happened to you, pinning it, and releasing it. 

At the moment I am focusing all my energy and time to creating tools to enhance your spiritual practice for inner peace and healing as well as manifestation. Both of these tools I have been using for years and they really help me as a guidance system in my life. 

I am currently crafting two amazing tools that I cannot wait to share with you. The first one is something I have been wanting to do for 8 years which is create my own version, a upgraded version of the Rider Wade Tarot deck. I have been using tarot since I was a teenager and it has seriously never been wrong as far as what I was going through at the time and what kind of guidance I needed and what to expect in the future. I believe so much in the tarot and loved it so much that I wanted to create my own deck which was more relatable and current with the present times. And the other project Im creating is a planner which combines new moon and full moon rituals with my frame writing technique beautifully crafted with my unique artwork being created just for this. This planner in my opinion is the only thing you will need everyday to keep you balanced in your mind, body and soul as well as focused on your manifestation goals. This is a planner that organizes your dreams, your meditation practice, your cycles, your moods and of course your actual work day and schedule but also keeps you in alignment with the planetary activities and how you can utilize the energies of whats going on in our solar system or how it may be effecting your mood. 

My Philosophy 

Be your own Shaman, Your greatest guru is with your higher self