I had two emotional cleaning sessions with Tiana Griego and I have to say that the sessions were one of the most important experiences of my life.

It is so obvious that Tiana has special gift and power. With this very special gift she opens the doorways to put under pressed feelings and thoughts out. So this is totally a "cleaning", which makes a person more peaceful, relief and open for a new blessed, powerful life.

I feel myself lucky that Tiana stood in my way and I had to have this emotional cleaning sessions with her.


My experience with Tiana was life changing.Going in with an open mind and heart is essential if you really want to reap the benefits of this cleansing.Its non invasive and Tiana makes you feel at ease instantly.Everyone's emotional journey will be different but after holding onto negative emotions that have crippled me as a person,I have finally been able to breathe again. Thank you Tiana.You have such an amazing gift.


I have always felt super comfortable around Tiana You can talk to her about anything, either a personal issue that you want to break through, or a general observance about feminine lifestyles. I love that although she is a spiritual person (with credentials that she has WORKED HARD for) she studies science and conducts experiments around the world and shares her findings with everyone. She has lots of different ideas and doesn’t see health as just one path, and I was never judged by her. Our Session was unbelievably intense and I could not fathom the changes my mind and body would make so quickly after meeting her.  She is always available and supportive. Tl;dr- I love her. You should meet her. She is a life changer.

Kira Goldsmith

I was feeling like a genderless human. I lost my sexuality and couldn’t reach the woman inside me since my childhood. She touched that woman with her magic and made me realize what i am, what was holding me back. She set up a meeting with me and the woman inside me. I feel like a free woman now!

Mila, Istanbul Turkey

I had amazing two sessions with Tiana, they were both intense and unique experiences. She was guiding me in a very sophisticated way to my sacred space, and so sweet that I felt safe and blessed whole time. She has a huge heart full of love, and she knows what she is doing. I was having a very difficult time before meeting her, coping with childhood traumas in my body and soul,and immediately after our first session I felt the difference in me. I am still feeling effects of the sessions, my feminine side is growing inside my heart and my body day by day. I am so lucky to meet Tiana; and she will always be in my life and my heart.

Ömür Çarikçi
In totally honesty, as a professional healer of more than 10 years and a very particular and sensitive person by nature, I am very selective about “healers” I entrust my body and energy field to. Tiana came highly recommended by a dear and trusted friend also in the healing professions so I leapt at the opportunity to have a face-to-face private session with her. I had two sessions with Tiana, about one month apart, and each one was life changing. In the first session, she released physical and emotional trauma from different points in my body to unblock the energy flow and bring down the defensive walls that were blocking me from experiencing pleasure. Afterwards I noticed an instantaneous change in my sex, I was much more surrendered and able to receive pleasure, I could feel the shift in my body and so could my partner. My second session with...