Orgasm Ascension - available one on one or remotely

Diving into her own sexuality for over four years all throughout Europe in search of healing her own past, Tiana discovered that when we stop judging ourselves and stop feeling bad and guilty about things we step into our power. The sexual chakra, the second chakra is connected to the energy of creativity and manifestation so when this chakra is blocked, those energies are also blocked. Women and men store most of their emotions in their second chakra and when those blocked suppressed emotions are released everything just opens up and we feel better. The majority of Tianas work is based around the second chakra and removing blocked emotions through a technique she created which she calls Emotional Trauma Release. This healing technique is for both men and women but she especially sees the need for women. After the blocked energy is released, your sexuality will open up and you will be able to access more pleasure. When we allow ourselves to receive pleasure, we allow ourselves to receive the gifts of the Universe. 
Tiana has found that the more pleasure she allows herself to receive, the stronger her intuition becomes and her ability to manifest. Tiana believes that orgasms expand you to deeper levels of your consciousness if you are conscious about the intention. She writes and talks on many subjects related to sexuality and being open to the different types of experiences for evolution. She asks the questions “can we expand our evolution through one night stands” “Can we evolve through multiple partners” and she discovered the answer is yes. There are many paths to your evolution and its up to each one of us to be aware of which path is right for us for that particular time but to be open to them all without judgement. 
In this session, Tiana  teaches men and women about the different pleasure portals in the body for women to receive orgasms from. She discovered 5 during her personal sexploration.  This is a private consultation to discuss sexual blockages, to understand more about your sex and orgasm and to learn different tools to reach higher levels of consciousness through orgasm.