Life Mapping- available one on one or remotely

Life mapping is an evaluation of where you authentically want to go based on information received from the universe. Using a series of exercises to get a deeper understanding of your true authentic life purpose Tiana dives deep into creating a real time map with step by step things to do to get you to that destination. With the help from spirits a number is given and this becomes the number of pegs on your timeline and the destination is an authentic place with peace of mind. Tiana provides manifestation tools, visioning techniques, affirmations and shares  beliefs about the importance of writing frames. Connecting the sub conscious to the conscious is the key for this mapping technique and its done through sensible, understandable, scenes. If the brain does not believe what you are trying to manifest for sure it will be blocked. Tiana breaks everything up into small believable attainable goals in 2-3 month period frames. This is called frame writing. Expanding the sub- conscious means adding more things to your perspective to dream from. Einstein says Imagination is more important than knowledge. If you have limited imagination, you are limiting your dreams. We open the subconscious by having experiences and meeting people that open our minds. Our minds must be open to all the doorways, all the perspectives so our imagination and beliefs have no limits.

A Mapping can be done in person or via Skype and is intended to be beneficial tool for the next steps in your evolution.