Life Mapping- available one on one or remotely

Life Mapping 

Life mapping in my opinion is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. You have to have a goal, you have to have a destination, something to look forward to, something that inspires you. When we experience a trauma or life becomes too difficult sometimes we loose touch with those parts of ourself that are here to express and share with the world. Those dreams you had when you were a young child or the gifts that you have that need to be shared with the world. We are each born with something special to express that needs to come out of us and that is our driving fuel for life, its the passion, its the motivation, its the connection to this life purpose. 

We can spend our entire life looking for our life purpose and asking ourselves who am I and why am I here but the core of who you are can be easily found in your sub conscious. In mapping we dive deep into the sub conscious  by answering some questions and doing a series of excersises. Our inner child knows who we are, if we can connect with that part of us, than our true path can be revealed. 

The connection to our inner child becomes blocked when we experience a trauma or when we go through life and become adults and follow what society and others tell us to do instead of listening to our own inner guidance system. 

Sometimes to get to the inner child we need to identify blockages and belief systems. We do this through identifying triggers. Once a trigger is identified we can discover the root cause of where it came from and we can work through it. The more blockages we remove, the more triggers we identify, the more open we become to letting life in. 

Mapping is done through a technique called frame writing. Our time system is set up at 9 billion frames per second, essentially we are living in a movie that is playing at 9 billion frames per second and we are creating the next scenes with our thoughts. It takes 60 seconds to embed a new belief into the sub-concious, thats all just 60 seconds of clear focus on something that you wish to bring into your experience. By creating frames we can write scenes as if they are already a memory and than we can pull them into the future, the now.

If your like me than you need support from someone that can not only hold that space and vision for you but can also hold you accountable. If you want to really change your body, you hire a personal trainer. If you want to really change your life, you can hire a personal life mapper.