Life Guidance - available remotely

Life Guidance is a ongoing program (minimum one month) where we meet weekly for mapping sessions, frame writing, life visioning and identifying triggers. This is a real life change where we identify blockages and work through them one by one. What is holding you back from believing you can have the relationship you want or make the money you want. 

Every single thing in your life that you are experiencing right now can be directly linked to something that happened to you from birth to age 7. We can consciously go in and identify these beliefs and perspectives that we took on as children wether its from a trauma or an abusive parent, these beliefs can change and be reprogrammed. 

Its one thing to dream and vision about what you want but if your sub conscious has a belief system that your not lovable because your father left when you were young and you took on the belief that he didn't love you, than it doesn’t matter how many vision boards you have, if you don't believe it you will not be able to create it. 

The easiest way to recognize our blockages is by paying attention to what we are defensive about. Our defensiveness is a trigger. This is what we need to heal. A comment could effect you emotionally and could have zero effect to the person next to you because you might have a personal rooted issue related to that particular thing. Finding the roots is how we become liberated. Changing the way we look at our past is the path to inner peace. Accepting and embracing all the parts of ourself is where the healing takes place. If we look at the things from a victim state of mind and blame the circumstances for our unhappiness and problems we loose power. If we change the way we look at these things as building character and strength and compassion, we gain power in ourselves as we integrate them into our being, they become a new energy. 

This program is all about looking at those parts of yourself that need healing. Really going deep to work on these issues so you can be liberated and live the life that you want. And following that passion that is your driving life force, the things you were born to do.