Emotional Trauma Release- available one on one

Emotional trauma release is a intensive one on one therapy where Tiana works with your physical body with the intention to remove toxic energy, traumas and poisons. First you have a conversation if your comfortable to share about any specific issues you would like to work on for this time. If your not comfortable talking she will just go right in and start working on the body. With the help of spirits and a few breathing exercises, your body will go into a trance state of consciousness and from this place is where the healing occurs. Using her fingers she looks for the dense energy in the body so it can be released. Most of the deep wounds are stored in and around the second chakra but they can be located anywhere in the body, it just depends what is revealed. This energy can be released in the form of crying, coughing or throwing up. You will feel the urge to release. The healing can go as far as your willing and able to take it. She is looking for triggers and connecting to memories and deeply stored emotions. You will connect with your inner child because this is usually the time when trauma first begins. After the session you might feel dizzy and with a tingly body but you will feel lighter and more free. Each person is different depending how many session they might need. Some feel better after one and some people prefer to go a little deeper and have one or two more. Its really up to you and what you feel for your healing and evolution.